Paid Internships you can trust

Approximate average income after tax, including holiday money


6 first months of practice

DKK 12.371.06 
€ 1,656.86
UGX 6,754,000


12 last months of practice if you are (more than 25 years old)

DKK 14,349.54

€ 1,922.98
UgX 7,835,000


12 last months of practice if you are (*under 25)

DKK 16,613.39 
€ 2226.55
UgX 9,072,101.81


Approximate salaries for workers before tax

Dkk 32,189.39
Eur. 4,313.70
UgX 17,577,825.08

The Process.

We are here to guide you every step of the way.

1. Application

2. Registration and medical

3.English test and training

4. Interview with employer and getting a work contract

5. Signing contract

6. Preparing travel documents

7.Visa processing

8.Getting visa

9. Flight

10. Arriving in work place and starting internship

11. Return home

More Benefits

Housing price

depends on each individual case during internship. The price is set by the Employer from 1000 DKK to 2500 DKK per month.
Accommodation, provided to the intern always includes a separate room with all convenience. Often this room is located in a separate house or in another room. In most cases, there is Internet, conditions for using a washing machine are always created. Living separately, the interns have their own little kitchen where they can cook their own food.
Those who wish to have internship in Denmark can earn good money living in comfortable conditions. When arriving in the country, interns to be provided with medical insurance, which gives the right to free medical treatment.